Classic Pixel Art Puzzler ‘eBoy FixPix’ Gets “Expanded” with a Surprise Modern Update

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Back in the fall of 2010, the world of mobile gaming was still a relatively new space and developers were still toying around with gaming experiences that took advantage of the unique aspects of Apple’s iOS devices. One such experience was eBoy FixPix (Free), which was a really clever app collaboration between developer Delicious Toys and artist collective eBoy that was part game, part digital toy and used the accelerometer in iOS devices to have you tilt a fractured picture into its correct position. That’s… not a great explanation, but eBoy FixPix isn’t an easy game to explain, so I forgive myself. Better yet, just check out the game’s original trailer from NINE years ago to see what it’s all about.

As you can see, eBoy FixPix was an incredibly unique and quirky experience, and we reviewed it back when it released and said that it should be listed in Webster’s Dictionary as the definition of the term “parallax." Post-release updates brought tons of new levels as well as iPad support to eBoy PixFix, but as is the case with many iOS games as old as this, it had been lying dormant in the App Store for several years and was seriously out of date. However, it seems that with the ten-year anniversary of the App Store behind us there are more and more of these older games that are getting updated for modern times and being given a second chance to find a whole new audience of mobile gaming fans, as well as delight their many original fans. That’s exactly what has happened today with eBoy FixPix as the developers have just released an “Expanded" update for the game. Check out the new trailer.

The “Expanded" moniker quite literally means that the developers have expanded the size of each puzzle to take advantage of the full screen area of today’s modern iOS devices. You can also now hop on a bus to make your way to a new level making for a much more natural transition between levels. And it’s just cute! Perhaps the most welcome change with this week’s update is that eBoy FixPix is now free to download and lets you play through the first 30 levels with a simple one-time in-app purchase unlocking the remaining 150 levels if you choose. And if you beat all the game’s levels, you can unlock a brand new Hard Mode and try to take them all on over again with increased difficulty. eBoy FixPix is a really cool iOS game and I’m super happy to see it still alive after all these years, so whether you’re and old fan or this is the first you’re hearing of it you should definitely download the new “Expanded" version of the game for free right this instant.

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