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Choice Provisions’ Turn Based Space Strategy Game ‘Tharsis’ Is Finally Hitting the App Store for iPad This Week

Choice Provisions announced Tharsis a few years ago as game with Zach Gage with no further details. Tharsis was eventually revealed and it released on PS4 and PC platforms back in 2015. The turn based space strategy game with dice was pretty interesting. You control humanity’s first mission to Mars and calamity strikes as you’d expect. Your aim is to guide your crew and survive. Watch the trailer for it below:

I’ve seen a lot of people confuse Tharsis with FTL but they play very differently. Tharsis throws a lot at you and may frustrate you initially. Tharsis had a mostly good reception on PS4 and PC. I remember reading about some performance issues on PS4. Hopefully it plays well when it arrives on June 27th for iPad on the App Store. Check it out on Steam here where it is discounted now during the Steam Summer Sale.