Creepy Swinger ‘Rest in Pieces’ Gets New Sci-Fi Level “Attack of the Insectum” in Latest Update

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Leading up to its release in March, Itatake’s Rest in Pieces (Free) had caught our attention several times with its super creepy vibe and visuals, and when it did finally arrive it won us over even more with its unique mashup of the behind-the-back runner and hook-swinging games. We chose it as our Game of the Week when it came out, and just a couple of weeks later we sat down with Itatake during GDC 2019 to see some of what they had in store in terms of new content for Rest in Pieces. Their plans were twofold, with an update in April adding in special items called Boosters that could help you during play. The second part of their update plan involved a new level and three new characters, which has gone live in the App Store today. The new level is called Attack of the Insectum and it’s sort of a sci-fi hellscape with massive bug-like aliens that you’re obviously trying to avoid. Check out the update trailer.

My favorite part about Attack of the Insectum is the new characters. First off is a spaceship that could be straight out of the Star Wars or Star Trek universes, and appropriately features a pilot named Han Luc Picard. Then there’s a very Gundam-inspired mech/reindeer hybrid named Mecha Antler, which also makes sense as those giant robots are always flying through space and stuff. And finally the most appropriate sci-fi/space character of all: Space Whale. Yep. A whale. Of course to play the Attack of the Insectum level you’ll need to unlock it by completing all the levels that come before it, which is no small feat. To aid in that Itatake has improved the tutorial as well as the first level to help out players that might be having a more difficult time. There’s plenty more in store for Rest in Pieces and I can’t wait to see what else is waiting in the wings.

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