‘Diablo-Esque Action RPG ‘Titan Quest’ Updated with iPhone X Support

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To say that the iOS port of 2006 Diablo-esque action RPG Titan Quest ($6.99) has had a rough ride on the App Store would be a total understatement. I won’t rehash all the details as I’ve already gone over this particular saga in November of last year, so give that a read if you want to see what I mean. But the short version is that Titan Quest has changed hands a few different times over the past few years, and has been re-released as a new app twice now, meaning that owners of the original would potentially have bought the same exact game three times in order to have an “active" version that’s still being sold on the App Store. That is annoying but the world of digital storefronts is messy sometimes, so it’s not the biggest deal ever. Or at least it wouldn’t be if any of those versions of Titan Quest would actually be updated ever. What’s the point of having an “active" version of a game if it’s essentially the same as the original version that disappeared years ago? Well thankfully the game’s most recent keepers, THQ Nordic subsidiary HandyGames, has in fact released a couple of pretty welcome updates for Titan Quest on iOS since taking it over last year, and today’s is one I’ve been hoping for for a long time as it contains full screen support for iPhone X devices!

Now, just to be clear, there are still some issues even in this updated and improved version of Titan Quest on iOS, and perhaps worst of all is that this version doesn’t include any of the expansion content that’s been released for the game on other platforms. That said, this is still one of the most robust games available on iOS and most of the technical and performance issues can be tolerated because, well, there still isn’t a premium Diablo-like experience on mobile, even three years later. Also, seeing comments from HandyGames on our forums and elsewhere, it’s clear they care very much about the quality of this game, but have been put in a tough situation having to take over a game that was built by a completely different company (DotEmu). It’s not easy to go digging into code that’s foreign to you and just start making tweaks and changes, as the whole house of cards can come crumbling down at the drop of a hat. So I commend them for putting the time and effort into at least getting full screen support built in, and if further enhancements and any of the DLC should come this way, well it’ll be icing on the cake for me.

One other thing worth noting is that a couple of weeks ago HandyGames dropped the price of Titan Quest down from $6.99 to just $2.99, so if you were one of those previous owners and were too annoyed to plunk down more money yet again for basically the same game you had already bought, now it’s cheap enough that it won’t sting so badly. And if you’ve never bought this game on iOS before, three bucks is a total steal for the amount of game you get in return, so warts and all I’d still suggest adding Titan Quest to your library if a full-blown, desktop-class action RPG you can carry around in your pocket is something you crave.

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