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The Gorgeous ‘The Legend of Zelda’-Inspired ‘Songbringer’ is Available in Open Beta on iOS

Back in 2015 Nathanael Weiss aka Wizard Fu Games successfully crowdfunded a game idea he had kicking around which could basically be boiled down to “What if the original The Legend of Zelda was different every time you played it?" That game became Songbringer, and it was initially released on desktop and consoles in the fall of 2017, with a Nintendo Switch port arriving about a year ago. Basically it’s exactly what you’d expect from that original concept of a Zelda that’s different every time, but with heaps of style and tons of secrets that made it feel unique, and with just a dash of Sword & Sworcery weirdness for good measure. We actually enjoyed our impressions of the game when we checked out the Nintendo Switch version last year, saying that “it feels both like Zelda and like its own thing at the same time" which I think is an excellent summary.

So anyhoo, it’s been known that a mobile port of Songbringer has been planned since the beginning, as it was a stretch goal that was met on the game’s Kickstarter. However, we didn’t really know what the timeline would be for that port. Well last week, Wizard Fu updated the game’s Kickstarter page to announce that an open beta has kicked off for the iOS version of Songbringer. Key word being “open" which means, hey, even if you weren’t a backer you can check out the game for yourself via this public Testflight link. It would probably be pretty cool if you at least offered some thoughtful feedback through the link inside Testflight though in exchange for playing an awesome game early and all. While an official release date isn’t set yet, Songbringer plays like a dream so far in this early build so I wouldn’t be surprised if the final release isn’t too far off.