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‘Maze Machina’ is a turn based puzzle game for iOS and Android from Tiny Touch Tales

Over the weekend, Arnold Rauers (Tiny Touch Tales) announced Maze Machina. Maze Machina is a turn based puzzle game for iOS and Android devices. It has art by Max -Mexer- Fiedler and sound design by Oliver Salkic. Arnold posted a few details in a thread on Twitter following the game announcement including how it borrows from Threes! and Imbroglio. Watch the announcement trailer for it below:

You play as a cursed hero in a maze and your aim is to get out. The turn based nature sees you and enemies move at the same time with every swipe to move. I love the aesthetics on display in the trailer above. Arnold calls Maze Machina a Broughlike when it comes to genre and I can definitely see that from the trailer. Imbroglio is a masterful game but it throws a lot of people off. Hopefully Maze Machina is more accessible. As of now the only release window is “later this year" and it is set to arrive simultaneously on iOS and Android. There will be a beta soon as well. I’ll post about that when the timing is confirmed.