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Valve Confirms an iOS and Android Release for the Open Beta for ‘Dota Underlords’ and Here Is When You Can Play It

With Auto Chess finally expanding to mobile and being available for all, it looks like Valve is taking things seriously this time. While Artifact was PC only, Valve wants its own version of Auto Chess to have a massive reach right from the start. Dota Underlords is Valve’s standalone Auto Chess game. If you have the Dota 2 Battle Pass, you can play Dota Underlords right now on PC. It was available in a friends and family beta until yesterday.

Dota Underlords has you facing off against seven oopponents in a battle for strategy to take control of White Spire. Tactics and not twitch reflexes wins you games here. Valve announced that the open beta for Dota Underlords will be available for free to all on Steam for Windows, macOS, and Linux and also both mobile platforms.

The first set of new features planned once the open beta launches is cross play and progression shared across all devices. Valve also wants feedback during this while they work towards Season One of Dota Underlords. Feedback can be sent through a ‘Submit Feedback’ button in game. I’m very happy that Valve is taking mobile seriously this time. The fact that you can already play Auto Chess from the team that worked on the original mod on mobile no doubt helped with that decision. What do you think of Auto Chess so far? Read our preview here.