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‘Alabama Bones’ is a Puzzle Platformer from GameResort that’s Launching Next Week

GameResort has been a staple of the App Store for more than a decade, first entertaining us with their strange mashup of downhill racing and bowling called Downhill Bowling back in early 2009. They’ve released a ton of games in the time since, like the charming as heck flying game Biplane – Wings of Raccoon, the puzzle-like runner Adventure Beaks, and the gruesome Stupid Zombies series, among many others. Now ten years in and GameResort is still releasing new games for mobile, and their latest is set to launch next week. It’s called Alabama Bones and it’s about a plucky adventurer with a whip and a brown hat and leather jacket who is raiding ancient underground ruins collecting valuable golden idols. Oh yes, we have hit peak parody territory. Check out the trailer.

As you can see, Alabama Bones is an auto-run platformer with a puzzle-y twist. You’ll tap once to get Alabama running, and whenever he hits a solid object he’ll change direction and run the other way, similar to the Wind-Up Knight games and others. What’s interesting here is that there’s all sorts of “action triggers" that enable Alabama to do things like jump, crawl, climb ladders, shoot, and even stop moving altogether. When and in what order you tap the screen to trigger these actions is key to collecting every idol and escaping each level alive. It’s a really cool way to inject choice and strategy into a game while still keeping the controls simplified to a single touch. And while the trailer above is in landscape since that makes for a better video, the game itself is played in portrait, making it perfect for one-handed, one-thumb play. Alabama Bones is currently available for pre-order on the App Store and will be launching next Tuesday, June 18th, so be sure to check it out.