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Foursaken’s ‘Block Fortress: Empires’ Launching June 20th, Available for Pre-Order Now

The hard working brothers at Foursaken Media first announced their latest entry in the immensely popular Block Fortress series back in September of 2017, called Block Fortress: Empires, but it wasn’t until nearly a year later that we heard from the game again as it was looking for beta testers last August. And the latest update on the game’s progress came just a couple of months ago in April when we got the first official trailer for Block Fortress: Empires and a call was put out for a second round of beta testers to iron out any final issues with the game. Well all that has lead to today as Foursaken has officially announced June 20th as the release date for Block Fortress: Empires on both iOS and Android.

For the millions of you out there who have played a Block Fortress game before, you’re probably aware of what you’re in for with Empires. But for everybody else, Block Fortress: Empires is something of a mix between Minecraft, Clash of Clans, and a third-person shooter. You’ll build up the biggest and baddest base that you can similar to building out a cool base in Minecraft, and then you’ll outfit it with all sorts of defenses like turrets and traps to keep other players at bay. People can raid your base and you can raid theirs, and you can even get your own hands dirty doing so by taking part in the attack with your in-game character in real time. Foursaken says that Block Fortress: Empires is “undoubtedly our most ambitious game yet" so be sure to check it out when it hits the App Store and Google Play on June 20th, and hit up this link if you want to pre-order the game on iOS ahead of then.