‘Super Soccer Champs 2019’ Surprise Lands in the App Store in Time for the Champions League Final

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If you’re gearing up to watch “the big match" tomorrow then you’re going to want to grab yourself a copy of Super Soccer Champs 2019 (Free) which just surprise-launched in the App Store. In case you’re unfamiliar, Super Soccer Champs is the footballing series from Uprising Games, aka developer Elton Bird. You may be familiar with Uprising by way of 2016’s Tennis Champs Returns (Free), which is one of the best tennis games… no scratch that, one of the best all-around sports games… no scratch THAT too. Tennis Champs Returns is one of the BEST games around period, and Super Soccer Champs retains its light and breezy arcade exterior and its hidden levels of depth and strategy. Basically, if games like Sensible World of Soccer got your motor humming back in the day, or you just appreciate really approachable sports games that don’t require a 5 hour tutorial to come to grips with, then you’re gonna have a good time with Super Soccer Champs 2019.

We really enjoyed last year’s entry in the series, and the 2019 version takes things to the next level with online multiplayer for two players through Game Center. There’s still local multiplayer too, and a full team and player data editor. With over 600 teams and 37 Divisions from 27 Countries, Super Soccer Champs 2019 should keep you plenty busy. And hey, it’s free to download and play with a VIP in-app purchase to make things more premium if you prefer, so there’s no reason not to check out Super Soccer Champs 2019 and share your thoughts about it in our forums.

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