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‘OXXO’ from Hamster On Coke Is a New Puzzle Game and It Is Set to Release This July

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Michal Pawlowsky (Hamster On Coke) brought us Zenge ($1.99), Art of Gravity ($0.99), and a lot more. Today, he has a new puzzle game that is set to release on Steam and mobile platforms. He describes it as an ever changing experience. I love the aesthetics shown off in the trailer which doesn’t really explain anything but that is apparently the point of the game. Watch it below:

OXXO‘s mechanics will keep changing and as the trailer showcases, it attempts to keep you on your toes. It is supposed to be a puzzle experience full of discovery. If you’re interested in playing it early, you can show interest in the beta in our forum thread for the game here. For everyone else, it is targetting a late July release on iOS, Android, and Steam and will cost $1.99. Have you played Scalak and Zenge?

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