Hey Android Folks, the Absolutely Excellent ‘Grimvalor’ is in Open Beta on the Google Play Store

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There are few games we enjoyed more than Direlight’s fantastic side-scrolling hack ‘n slash RPG Grimvalor ($6.99) last year, and in fact the iOS version made its way into our top three best games of 2018, just barely getting edged out by Oddmar for our Game of the Year pick. In fact it was such a close call that Grimvalor could have easily taken that crown, as could our other runner up Suzy Cube, but the way these award things work is you have to pick just one. I still consider all three games the very best of 2018 and three of the very best games on mobile period. While Suzy Cube and Oddmar have also tantalized Android players, Grimvalor has up to this point been a strictly iOS affair. Not for long though! An open beta for the Android version of Grimvalor is currently available on the Google Play Store with a tentative full launch planned for June.

The Android version’s pay model, as is pretty common in these situations, is slightly different than that of iOS. On Android it’ll be a free game with ads and a one time IAP to remove them and make it a full premium experience. The pricing will be the same on both platforms though, clocking in at $6.99. So if you’re on Android and have been jealous of iOS folks playing Grimvalor, now is your chance to shine and you should check out the open beta right now and look forward to the full launch likely next month. For more on our thoughts about Grimvalor on iOS, check out our in-depth review as well as our Game of the Week write-up, and there are TONS of impressions from players in our forums too.

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