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‘BiuBiu Jungle’ is an Upcoming Puzzler from FredBear Games that’s Looking for Beta Testers

Our old pals at FredBear Games are back at it with a new mobile game in the works. It’s a puzzle adventure called BiuBiu Jungle and it’s a pathway puzzler similar to something like Sokoban. You’ll play as the titular BiuBiu who “wakes up one morning to find that all the islands in his world have sunk into the deep sea." That can’t be good. Apparently the special stars that keep the islands from sinking have been stolen, so it’s your job to set out and regain all the stars across 48 different levels. As you can see from the trailer below, collecting stars will be no simple task as you’ll have to content with all manner of different traps and obstacles and utilize a variety of abilities to figure out the correct path to each star.

BiuBiu Jungle looks colorful and challenging, and if you like the look of it as well FredBear is currently recruiting some beta testers to take it for an early spin ahead of its release. If you’re interested in that you can head over to the thread in our forums to find a link to sign up, with the first beta build set to be distributed within the next week. If you’d rather wait for the game to be finished then you can look for it to launch likely in early June, and it’ll be a fully paid game with no IAP. A price hasn’t been determined yet but I would expect it to not break the bank. Keep an eye out for BiuBiu Jungle soon.