‘Dragalia Lost’ Director Hiroki Matsuura Details Plans for the Future of the Game in Another Look Ahead Feature Including Returning Events, GPS Matching Co-op, and More

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As with the earlier look ahead for Dragalia Lost (Free), the director Hiroki Matsuura has laid out plans for the game and what the team wants to implement in game. The look ahead article also details some returning events but the highlight is the way co-op will be improved among other features. If you missed out on the Fire Emblem event, read this.

Beginning May 14th, a new Summon Showcase will go live featuring 5* Zardin. The Resplendent Refrain raid event returns the same time. They want people who missed out on past events to be able to experience them so past events will be returning in the future including the facility events. The final addition on May 14th is High Brunhilda’s Trial getting a new prelude difficulty. Looking at the end of this month, the Echoes of Antiquity raid event will take place. The boss for this event will be Qitian Dasheng. Looking beyond this month, the team is looking to add The Mercurial Gauntlet which is a recurring event.

In terms of features and improvements, the next update will have clear time displayed on the quest results screen. The highlight is using GPS to match with nearby players for co-op. This will avoid the need of entering an ID. Crafting will also improve with the reduction in steps. The update will also improve adventurer AI.

Dragalia Lost is free to play on iOS and Android Read our review of it here. I still hope they sort out the downloading stuff because despite doing a batch download almost each time I boot up the app, I still get a pop up asking to download a few MB and it is annoying. Are you happy with the pace of new content and feature additions for Dragalia Lost?

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