Surreal Adventure Game ‘Radiant One’ Gets New Episode “The Triangle”

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It’s a new month which means there’s a new episode of the surreal adventure game Radiant One (Free) now available. You may recall that developer Fntastic first launched Radiant One back in August of last year, and while it was a rather short experience it’s one we absolutely loved in our review. Well it turns out that experience was short because Fntastic had bigger plans in store for Radiant One, and this past January they announced that the game was going episodic and that they’d be releasing a new episode every month or so. The original episode was officially named The Awakening, and in late February a brand new episode launched called The Secret. Then at the beginning of April they launched new episode The Lost, which brings us to now with another new epsiode launching called The Triangle. In this episode you’ll play a character named Mark who “was on board from Miami to London when all passengers mysteriously disappeared." Creepy.

Needless to say, if you’ve got a fear of flying or airplanes, then The Triangle should give you some major goosebumps. As with all previous episodes, you can get access to The Triangle with a monthly $3.99 subscription through iTunes. This has been a controversial decision among players as in general gamers don’t like the subscription model, but if looked at at four dollars per each new episode and you actually plan on playing the new episodes each month I think it’s not a bad deal at all. But some people will simply never get behind a subscription model and I can understand that, which is a shame because these episodes have been really entertaining so far. If you are on board already though and have been enjoying the various episodes of Radiant One, definitely hop in and check out The Triangle which is avaialble right now.

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