Fantastic Top-Down Shooter ‘Tesla vs Lovecraft’ Updated with “For Science!” DLC Content

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Developer 10tons is well-known for their prowess in creating excellent top-down shooters, and for my money their best one yet is Tesla vs Lovecraft ($8.99). As the name implies, it pits the godfather of modern electricity Nikola Tesla against the horrific monsters of H.P. Lovecraft. It’s a totally absurd premise which leads to totally over-the-top gameplay using a variety of super clever weapons and special abilities. Tesla vs Lovecraft originally launched on desktop in January of last year, with console versions arriving in March and an iOS port arriving in October. Now the downloadable content from those other platforms has also made its way to the iOS version. Called the “For Science!" pack, it adds new weapons, new monsters, new abilities, new perks and more, along with a new level called Dreamlands which features infinite planes with increasing difficulty and rewards.

As is the case on other platforms, the For Science! pack is paid DLC and will set you back $3.99 on iOS and Android. For fans of the game it seems well worth the price for the amount of new content you get and the enjoyment of going through the existing levels using new weapons and abilities. If you’re not already a fan of the base game, you can check out our full review and I can easily recommend it for fans of top-down shooters, which have been a mainstay on mobile for years now. As mentioned I love how absurd Tesla vs Lovecraft is and how it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and the awesome assortment of crazy weapons and abilities you get to use is worth the price alone. Be sure to check it and the new For Science! pack out now.

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