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‘Fury Survivor: Pixel Z’ is a hack and slash game with RPG elements about taking on zombies with a pixel art twist and you can pre-order it now on the App Store

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Fury Survivor: Pixel Z (Free) from Leiting Games is an upcoming zombie hack and slash game with RPG elements. There are tons of zombie games on the App Store but this one has a retro like aesthetic that reminds me of some point and click adventure games. Today, the game is live on the App Store and Google Play for pre-order and pre-registration respectively. Watch the trailer for it below:

Fury Survivor: Pixel Z also has survival elements as you fight off hordes of zombies and scavenge for items and weapons. You will also be able to play through a story in game looking for your family in the game’s campaign. Fury Survivor: Pixel Z also has crafting and different enemy types with their own mechanics.

The visuals have me more interested than anything else so far so I’ll give it a shot. This will be free of course with in app purchases and if you feel like a premium experience to take out zombies on your phone, there is a great game you can play right now. If you’re interested after watching the trailer above, you can pre-register for it on Google Play here and on the App Store here. Pre-registration is also available on the official website. Fury Survivor: Pixel Z is set to release on June 5th on iOS and Android.

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