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‘Forza Street’ is coming to iOS and Android later this year for free from Microsoft

Over the years, tons of console game franchises have had mobile entries and some of the recent announcements for console and PC franchises have angered some fans. Earlier in March, Forza Street got leaked for Windows 10 and mobile platforms as a rebrand of Miami Street. Today, Microsoft officially announces platforms and showcases Forza Street in a new video which you can watch below:

Forza Street sees the Forza franchise come to both iOS and Android for free later this year. Microsoft just released it on Windows 10 for free with the mobile release to follow later. Forza Street has simplified controls (as expected) and one minute long races across a campaign. Car collecting is also a big part of Forza Street. While this is a free to play take on Forza, Microsoft has shown off the real Forza running on mobile through their upcoming streaming platform. Check that out here. What do you think of Forza Street?