Microsoft Showcases ‘Forza Horizon 4’ Running on an Android Phone through ‘Project xCloud’ with Public Trials Coming Later This Year

Game streaming on iOS at least is something no one can take for granted when announcements happen. I say this because Apple is very inconsistent with what it approves for streaming and the Steam Link app that Eli has been using is still not approved. Last October, Microsoft unveiled Project xCloud that will let you play anywhere anytime on anything really. The way they have been talking about this technology and what they want feels like a more accessible version of Nintendo’s Switch philosophy of playing anywhere. Watch the Project xCloud announcement below:

Project xCloud had already been announced to have public trials later this year and Kareem Choudhry, CVP of Gaming Cloud at Microsoft, reiterated this on Inside Xbox. You can view that segment below that also has the first public demo of Project xCloud. He also goes on to say that this is not a replacement for consoles but adding ways to play Xbox games. This aims to bring “True console quality gaming" to the billions of mobile devices out there. There will be more information on the public trials in the future. Watch the Inside Xbox segment on Project xCloud below with Forza Horizon 4:

Microsoft already planned for this to be a multi year journey for them that leverages all the tech they have across the world in Azure locations. As of the announcement at Inside Xbox, the plan is to still have this come to phones, tablets, and more with support for the Xbox Wireless Controller. The demo had it running on an Android device but hopefully Microsoft can get the Xbox controller working on iOS so we don’t end up having to use an MFi controller that doesn’t support all the inputs needed. Considering Apple allowed the Sony PS4 Remote Play App, I hope there won’t be any drama with this one when it does show up eventually or we will end up with a Steam Link situation. Are you excited to play more games via streaming or do you prefer native games for your platform of choice?