‘Man Vs. Missiles’ Version 4.5 Adds a New VIP Plane, a New Game Mode, New Themes Planes, and More

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Games like Super Hexagon are absolutely my jam and anything that does strategic avoidance well like Pivvot earns a spot on my phone. Spiel Studios’ Man Vs. Missiles (Free) hit iOS a while ago and it has consistently been updated with more content and features. After hitting version 4.0 earlier this year, another major update has arrived with 4.5. Watch the video showcasing it below:

Update 4.5 that released a few hours ago adds the new duels mode. This lets two players face off online with their own planes. The update also adds planes based on country specific themes. The countries featured are India, China, Russia, USA, and Japan. VIP players get a new plane in this update as well.

There are in app purchases to remove ads or buy various things within. The game also offers a VIP subscription that lets you unlock all planes and more. Man Vs. Missiles from Spiel Studios is available on the App Store for free.

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