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‘Glitch Run’ Is a Trippy Arcade Runner From the Creators of ‘Power Hover’, Launching March 28th

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In terms of taking relatively simple ideas and streamlining them into luscious experiences that are lovingly crafted specifically for mobile devices, developer Oddrok is up there with the best. Whether it’s their major hits such as the cel-shaded arcade romp of Power Hover ($3.99), or even their smaller side-projects like DROP NOT!’s (Free) excellent one-handed take on the Crossy Road phenomenon, almost every Oddrok title has a deserved place on my iPhone. Just under a year since their last effort in arcade racer Best Rally (Free), Oddrok have announced a brand new title that is looking to go straight back to basics. Introducing Glitch Run (Free) – with a retro 80s neon aesthetic and an emphasis on simple one-touch platforming, this latest runner is set to jump onto the App Store on March 28th for the sweet price of absolutely nothing.

According to Oddrok, Glitch Run started out as a small side project for the development studio, but soon evolved into a complete experience that boasts 95 handcrafted levels and a number of game modes to experiment within. Often, it’s these passion projects that really demonstrate a developer’s creativity, and I’m excited to see how the gameplay is evolved and finessed over the course of its lifespan. Bespoke levels may limit Glitch Run’s longevity, but certainly makes it more appealing that yet another endless runner – and based on the developer’s track record, we can be fairly confident that the game should receive multiple content updates down the line. I haven’t even mentioned the iridescent particle effects that make Glitch Run look so stylish; in motion, it really does live up to its name. Hopefully Glitch Run can be eye-catching in more ways than one – if you feel the same, you can pre-order Glitch Run on the App Store before it launches this Thursday.

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