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GDC 2019: ‘SiNKR 2’ is the Full Sequel to Last Year’s Excellent Puzzler ‘SiNKR’

Solo developer Robert Wahler released the puzzle game SiNKR ($2.99) in February of last year, and while it initially flew under our radar we were able to catch up with Robert during GDC the following month and get the lowdown on the game as well as a look at a spinoff game he had planned called SiNKR Portals. Well, as it turned out that spinoff just continued to grow and grow and so instead of releasing it as a smaller spinoff game, Wahler has instead fleshed it out into a full-blown sequel. If you missed out on the original SiNKR, it’s an order-of-operation puzzler where you use a bunch of different mechanics to pull an object or objects from their starting point to the goal. It does a great job at easing you into those mechanics though, and as the game progresses it gets much more complex and challenging. SiNKR 2 should be arriving around May and we take a look at it in the video below from GDC this week, but in the meantime if you haven’t checked out the original and you love puzzlers I highly recommend it.