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GDC 2019: Physics-Based “Wreck ‘Em Up” Shooter ‘The Day We Fought Space’ Continues to Look Awesome

A couple of months back we checked out the trailer for The Day We Fought Space, a horizontal shooter from developer Tursiops Truncatus. But it’s not just any shooter, as the developers have coined the term “wreck ’em up" to describe the mechanics in the game. This is because the game has a full physics system built in, meaning that while you’ll do plenty of shooting enemies you can also use various melee-style weapons to bash those enemies, and subsequently those bashed enemies can then knock into other enemies and create a chain reaction of destruction. Wrecking anything and everything is the order of the day in The Day We Fought Space. It also uses a really interesting control scheme where you can control the spread of your fire, and although we demo the game on an iPad in the video below, the developers have also figured out a very clever way to make those controls work on the smaller screen of the iPhone using tow thumbs. Look for this one to launch as a premium title hopefully by the end of the year.