Stunt Driving Game ‘REKT!’ Getting a Big New Update and Android Version Soon

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The Little Chicken Game Company brought us the awesome stunt driving game REKT! ($1.99) back in the fall of 2017. They’re presumably still working on their new mobile project Fire Flush which they announced last summer, but they’re also not quite done with REKT! just yet. As they announced in our forums on Friday, REKT! is getting a substantial update in the very near future which will add in a ton of new content and features. This will include a bunch of new vehicles and a bunch of new customization options, and it also appears they’ve rejiggered the car selection interface to make it much easier to pick a new vehicle (yay!). There’s also at least one new arena and, perhaps most exciting of all, the game will now feature damage modeling when you wreck your vehicle. You can’t have a game called REKT! without showing your car getting rekt now can you? Last but certainly not least, REKT! will finally be making its way to Android too.

If you’ve never played REKT! before, try to imagine the crazy driving physics of Rocket League but without all the soccer stuff, and taking place in an arena that’s more like a Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater level than a soccer field, and that’s REKT! in a nutshell. The driving physics are just super fun on their own, and Little Chicken has done a great job of creating a ton of little missions to accomplish and hiding all sorts of collectibles all over the levels and tying all that into a progression system that makes you want to keep coming back for more. We loved REKT! in our original review from when it released, and about a month after the developers released a pretty big update with new vehicles and a new arena. There have been a couple of more minor updates since then but nothing quite like what’s shaping up to be the biggest update yet with this latest one. Little Chicken says they’re getting this update out “as soon as humanly possible" so keep an eye out for it on the App Store.

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