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Digital Version of ‘Ascension’ Follow-Up ‘Shards of Infinity’ is Looking for Beta Testers

Last fall Temple Gates Games announced that they’d be working with Stone Blade Entertainment to bring the popular deck-building game Shards of Infinity to digital platforms in 2019, and they’re moving even closer to that goal this week by firing up the beta testing machine. You may be familiar with Temple Gates from them bringing another physical board game, Race for the Galaxy ($6.99) to digital platforms back in 2017, and of course Stone Blade is responsible for one of the most popular deck builders around with Ascension (Free) which has been on mobile for the better part of a decade. Their follow-up Shards of Infinity has received quite a bit of acclaim since launching in physical form last year, and given everyone involved in this digital endeavor, it seems like it’ll be another perfect fit for a mobile adaptation.

So, if you’re already a fan of the physical version of Shards of Infinity, or you were a fan of Ascension, OR you’re just a deck-building game enthusiast in general, then you may be asking yourself “How can I get in on this beta testing business?" I’m glad you asked. Just head over to this link and fill out the brief form with your email, your name, and your preferred platform to sign up for becoming a tester. However, the beta will work a bit differently depending on which platform you’re on. On iOS you’ll simply download the game through Testflight for free. Easy peasy. On both Android and Steam though you’ll technically be getting the game in Early Access which means you’ll pay for the beta now but get to keep the game once it’s officially released. While no release date has been set yet the beta for Shards of Infinity should begin going out today so whether or not you want in on the beta fun definitely keep an eye out for this one if you’re a deck-building fan.