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‘Fire Flushed’ is a Cave Flyer Style Game about Extinguishing Wildfires, from the Makers of ‘REKT!’

Little Chicken Game Company, the developer who brought us last year’s extremely fun stunt driving game REKT! ($1.99), have a new game in the works and it’s looking like another winner. The game is called Fire Flush and it’s about flying a plane and extinguishing wildfires by dropping water on them. It’s a side-scrolling game similar to a cave flyer and you’ll have to actually dive down into pools of water to reload your tanks and then use timing to drop those tanks on various fires burning down below you. Yes, this game isn’t based on realistic plane behavior or anything, but it sure does look fun.

My favorite part about that trailer is when the plan has to fly in such a way as to fling a tank of water onto a fire that’s not just directly below them. It looks like there will be some tricky fires to extinguish which should be entertaining. Fire Flush should come with an increasingly difficult level-based campaign as well as an endless survival mode. There are some additional screens and info on the game’s official site and while we don’t have an exact release date yet we do know the game will be free and it’ll be coming to both iOS and Android “soon." We’ll keep an eye out for a more specific release date but in the meantime you can head over to the forums to talk all things Fire Flush ahead of its release.