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Strategy RPG Franchise ‘Disgaea’s Mobile Entry Is Now Titled ‘Disgaea RPG’ and Pre-Registrations Are Live for the Japanese Release

ForwardWorks and Nippon Ichi Software announced Disgaea for iOS and Android a while ago. Since the original announcement, we’ve had a dripfeed of information including a proper trailer. Today, both companies have announced the final name for the game alongside a new trailer with pre-registrations beginning for the Japanese release. Watch the new trailer for Disgaea RPG below:

NIS’ Disgaea franchise is all about over the top strategy action and it has found quite some success in USA and Europe on PlayStation platforms and more recently Nintendo Switch. Disgaea RPG will be free to play with in app purchases and have an original story. Many of the playable characters from earlier entries will also be here. Your aim here is to become the Ultimate Overlord. Disgaea game stories are pretty crazy and they always hold my attention enough through the 100s of hours of turn based gameplay. I hope this entry ends up being good.

Pre-registration is now live for the Japanese release and if 20,000 pre-register, all pre-registered players will get an in game Fallen Angel Flonne 3* present. If you’d like to check out the Japanese release, pre-register here. As of now, there is no word on a localisation for countries outside Japan. Hopefully it does get localised since more people need to check this franchise out. If you have a Switch and want to check the series out, download the demo for Disgaea 5 Complete on the eShop.

[Source: Gematsu]