Feral Interactive Has Finally Released the Big 1.10 Update for ‘ROME: Total War’ on iOS That Adds 8 More Playable Factions, More Orientations for Devices, and More

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Rome: Total War ($9.99) launched as an iPad only experience initially. After fans kept demanding an iPhone version, they actually added it for free making the app a universal build. I’m still in awe at how developers manage taking these complext interfaces and not only adapting them for iPad but also for the much smaller screens on iPhones. Today, version 1.10 arrives on iOS. Watch a trailer showcasing this below:

This update is now live on the App Store. Rome: Total War version 1.10 adds 8 more playable factions. The total is now at 19. You can even unlock all factions from the settings for the game if you want. The update also adds a range marker for missile units and lets you command grouped units to move together at the same pace.

If you don’t own it already, you can grab Rome: Total War for $9.99 on the App Store and it supports iPhone and iPad. If you are on Android, get it here on Google Play for the same price here. Check out our forum thread for more discussion about the game here. The Android version has had these features already.

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