Kemco’s ‘Everdark Tower’ Gets an English Release

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In April of last year, the Japanese version of Everdark Tower (Free) hit our forums, and we tried our best to give it a go, but being English speakers we quickly got lost. Well, that is not the case anymore, as Everdark Tower just got localized via an update. Similar to Archlion Saga (Free), Everdark Tower is a “pocket-sized RPG", which plays pretty directly into the kind of stuff I end up enjoying on mobile. While our own Shaun Musgrave often digs into these massive Kemco RPGs, one thing Jared and I often talk about on our podcast is how these days with so many games being released on a daily basis what we really prefer are super-tight game experiences that you can beat in a couple hours and move on to the next thing.

That’s exactly what their pocket-sized RPG series is all about. They’re designed to be played in 2-4 hours, they’re free, and I think Kemco’s goal here is to have people try these games and think to themselves, “Hey this is pretty neat maybe I’ll check out one of their ‘full’ RPGs." Both Everdark Tower and Archlion Saga seem to lean pretty hard on RPG tropes, so neither will knock your socks off with new mechanics or a life-changing plot, but as far as something to spend a few hours diddling around with for free on your iPhone? They’re definitely worth the admission price of zero dollars.

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