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It Looks Like ‘Golden Axe 2’ is the Next SEGA Forever Release

When SEGA initially launched their SEGA Forever line of games during the middle of 2017, there wasn’t a whole lot to write home about. The idea was to pluck classics out of SEGA’s back catalogue of games from their entire history of consoles and release them as free ad-supported mobile games with additional features and the ability to pay a one-time fee to disable ads. It’s a great idea in theory, but for the first year or so of SEGA Forever being a thing we were treated to mostly SEGA Genesis ports that have been released a million times already as well as many that had actually been released on mobile previously. In other words, nothing all that exciting. To SEGA’s credit though, they weathered the mediocre response to SEGA Forever and continued updating the existing line with interesting new features and improved performance, as well as releasing many new titles. While we still have yet to get any Saturn or Dreamcast games that fans have been clamoring for, the SEGA Forever lineup in the App Store is surprisingly good, and as SEGA has been known to do they’re now teasing the next release on Twitter and it looks like this time around we’ll be getting Golden Axe 2.

It feels like in recent months SEGA has been focusing on updating the existing line of SEGA Forever games, which is definitely a good thing as they’ve squashed a bunch of bugs and updated all of the older titles with some of the new features of their emulator, like a rewind feature and more control and display options. So hopefully this Golden Axe 2 tease means they’ll get back into a more regular cadence of releasing actual new games, and HOPEFULLY 2019 will be the year that the Saturn, Dreamcast, and even the Master System or Game Gear get some more SEGA Forever love. We’ll see! But I’m most certainly not mad at some Golden Axe 2 action. Typically these teases mean the game is extremely close to releasing, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it land as early as this week, but no date has actually been confirmed yet so we’ll give you a heads up when the game does hit the App Store.