TouchArcade Game of the Week: ‘DUNKYPUNG’

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Sometimes a game comes along and for whatever reason you just CAN’T STOP PLAYING IT. This week that game has been DUNKYPUNG ($2.99) for both myself and Eli. DUNKYPUNG (that is fun to say) is the new game from solo developer Nathan Meunier, who in 2017 brought us the awesome card game Missile Cards, which we also chose for our Game of the Week back then. Hey, you’re two for two Nathan! DUNKYPUNG is a pretty simple game at its heart; you simply bounce a ball around a room using flapping mechanics trying to avoid wave after wave of increasingly dangerous hazards. This is actually a level-based game, and every fourth wave you’ll square off against a boss before moving on to the next level.

Let’s just be real here: DUNKYPUNG is f’ing hard! Like punch you to the ground and then kick you in the teeth hard. But this is one of those games that is so mechanically sound, with such great feeling physics, that the moment you die and exit out of the game in disgust you’re almost instantly tapping its icon again, helplessly pulled back in to give it just one more go. Because surely THIS time you won’t have your ass handed to you. And in fact that’s pretty true. DUNKYPUNG really rewards skill, and the more you play and practice the better you can feel yourself getting at the game. It’s super rewarding. And maddening at the same time. Plus, in a rarity for this type of game, DUNKYPUNG is a fully premium game with no ads or IAP. So if you fancy yourself a brutally difficult arcade game that feels perfect on mobile, DUNKYPUNG is calling your name.


    THIS GAME WILL DESTROY YOU. DUNKYPUNG is a deadly (but cute) brutal bouncing action experience. Bounce your way through…
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