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‘Evertale’ is a New Monster-Catching RPG from ZigZaGame, Launching February 28th and Up for Pre-Order Now

If you’ve been mobile gaming for a long time and have been on a quest for the most Pokemon-like RPGs on the platform, then you’re no doubt familiar with ZigZaGame. The studio has been one of the most prolific in trying to capture (see what I did there?) the magic of a monster-catching RPG on mobile, with varying degrees of success. In 2012 they brought us Dragon Island Blue, a competent if uninspired monster-collecting affair. About a year later they followed up with the spiritual successor Hunter Island, which was a much more consistent and enjoyable effort. Then in late 2015 they took their most recent stab at the genre with Neo Monsters, which was a high quality game in many ways but suffered by not fully deciding if it was a full-blown free to play social RPG or a more linear Pokemon-like. Now more than 3 years removed from that release ZigZaGame is back with another new monster-collecting RPG called Evertale, check out the trailer.

Evertale will follow your adventurer as you try to save your land of Erden from a terrible threat called Pandemonium, but ZigZaGame is really touting the variety of other activities you’ll be able to do in the game aside from its main campaign. Of course you’ll be able to encounter wild monsters and then try to capture them and add them to your party, and then train them and evolve them into their different forms. Evertale will also include real-time online PvP as well as Guilds that you can join and chat with other players. They’re also promising many rewarding side quests for those who feel like going off the beaten path. Evertale is set to launch on February 28th for 99¢, and you can pre-order the game on the App Store right now ahead of its launch. Otherwise look to download it the old-fashioned way when it arrives at the end of next month.