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Cute Action Puzzler ‘Squish Machine’ from Brad Erkkila Arrives February 7th

Last month developer Brad Erkkila revealed his latest mobile game project, following the release of the adorable multi-character puzzle platformer Cast Pals (Free) last summer. It’s called Squish Machine and it literally involves a machine that is trying to squish you. Each level features spikes closing in from the top and bottom of the screen and it’s your job to press the appropriate buttons in order to stop the squishing. The trick is that the buttons aren’t exactly easily accessible, and you’ll need to avoid various hazards and enemies and in some cases perform some puzzle solving in order to depress the buttons and prevent becoming a pancake.

As you can see in the trailer above, there are also a ton of playable characters in Squish Machine including a Viking, Santa Claus, and a head of broccoli for some reason. I mean who doesn’t want to play as a head of broccoli? Well that dream is set to come true in a month’s time as Mr. Erkkila has announced on Twitter that Squish Machine will be launching on February 7th. I’ve loved all the previous releases from this developer so I’ll definitely be looking forward to this new game’s launch next month.