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Vertical Grappling Hook Game ‘Hang Line’ Launching January 16th and Up for Pre-Order Now

Way back in the summer of 2017 we first caught wind of Hang Line, a new grappling hook game in the works from game industry veteran turned indie developer Ed Kay. Hang Line has you swinging and flinging yourself vertically up a mountain using your grappling hook, all while avoiding the types of perils you’d expect to find in that environment like unstable terrain and killer mountain goats. It would be another 8 months before we heard from Hang Line again, this time with a new trailer and progress update in February of last year. The game continued to look awesome but my main question was when the heck would we be able to play it? Well today we finally have that answer, as Hang Line has been pegged for a January 16th release under publisher Yodo1 and is currently available for pre-order in the App Store. There’s also a new launch trailer you can check out.

Ever since I was a wee lad exploding the head of Totally Not Hitler in Bionic Commando, I’ve had a love for grappling hook games. That love only grew on mobile with classics like Hook Champ and Super Quickhook which I was mildly obsessed over back in the day, and I’m pretty much always interested in any new game that uses grappling hooks in its mechanics. Hang Line looks poised to become my latest obsession in the genre. One thing I love about it is that there is so much chaos happening as you play. Rocks that you’ve attached to are coming loose, mountain lions are pouncing on you and mauling you, dynamite is exploding and sending you flying. It’s just this crazy, frantic experience and it looks like a total blast. If you are feeling similar then look for Hang Line next week.