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‘Hang Line’ is Like a Vertical ‘Hook Champ’ and is Heading to iOS and Android Soon

Every once in a while a trailer comes rolling across my desk here at TouchArcade and within a few seconds of watching it I instantly think “Now THAT is exactly MY type of game!" That describes just what happened when I watched the trailer for Hang Line, the first mobile release from developer Ed Kay, who has worked on mobile and console games previously but this is his first release entirely solo. The goal in Hang Line is to shoot your grappling hook out to hook onto chunks of a mountain, most of which will just instantly start falling once you’ve hung your weight on them. This means you’ll need to quickly fling yourself from point to point trying to reach ever higher while also avoiding your everyday typical hazards like avalanches and goats attacking you. You know, normal stuff. Check out the awesome trailer.

As mentioned in the headline, the grappling hook and rapid way in which you’re constantly shooting it out gives me a heavy Hook Champ (Free) vibe, except in a more vertical way. Hook Champ is a stone cold classic, mostly due to how much it nailed the core hooking and swinging physics which made it a joy to play and master. Hang Line looks like it has a similarly refined core mechanic going on, and coupled with the constant drama of falling boulders and attacking goats I’m really quite excited to give it a spin. While no specific release date is set, Hang Line is said to be “coming soon" to iOS with an Android release to follow, and we’ll give you the heads up once it arrives.