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Tactical RPG ‘Shieldwall Chronicles’ is the Next Mobile Release from ‘Demon’s Rise’ Developer Wave Light

If you’re a regular TouchArcade reader and a fan of tactical RPGs, then you’re probably already familiar with Wave Light Games who made a splash on mobile several years back with the excellent Demon’s Rise ($7.99). It was not only a solid strategy RPG but also noteworthy for having some of the most creative and interesting character classes in the genre. The following year a sequel released appropriately titled Demon’s Rise 2 ($7.99) and it flipped things around and let you play as a bunch of evil characters as opposed to the mostly benevolent squad from the first game. Both games received regular, hefty updates adding in all sorts of new content and features. In August of 2017 Wave Light then released Strike Team Hydra ($7.99), another tactical RPG but one that utilized a sci-fi theme rather than a fantasy one. Like the Demon’s Rise games, Strike Team Hydra was another excellent tactical RGP for mobile. For the past year or so Wave Light has brought all of those games over to Steam where they have been well-received, and for their latest release Shieldwall Chronicles they actually launched it on Steam first just last month and are now in the process of bringing it over to mobile. Here’s a brief trailer of the mobile version in action.

As you can see, Sheildwall Chronicles is a similar style as the Demon’s Rise and Strike Team Hydra games, and in fact runs in the same engine, but the visuals, animations, audio, and gameplay have all been hugely upgraded compared to those previous releases. Another neat new feature is how the story in Sheildwall Chronicles will play out more like a gamebook with multiple branching paths to choose over its 50+ hour campaign. There’s also a morale system at play that’ll see your troops perform better as their fellow combatants perform well, and conversely will not be as effective if their buddies are falling in battle next to them or missing with their attacks. It all sounds really awesome and the game has been really well-received on Steam since its release a few weeks ago. The iOS version of Shieldwall Chronicles is set to release on January 31st, but ahead of then Wave Light is conducting a short beta test to square away any last minute issues, and if you’re interested in taking part in that then head over to the thread in our forums. Otherwise look for this one at the end of the month.