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‘Fleets of Heroes’ Wants to Shake Up the Base-Building Genre, Launching Next Week

A few years ago developer Inner Hero released a couple of really cool idle clicker games called Tap Transcend that really turned the genre on its head. They had you building up the entire universe from scratch and unlike many clickers they actually had an ending, and a really cool battling component was thrown into the mix as well. For the past couple of years Inner Hero has been working on their next project, a base builder called Fleets of Heroes, which they hope will do for the base building genre what the Tap Transcend games did for the idle clicker: Shake things up. Some of the features they’re touting that seem to go ignored by the major players in the base builder space are “an open and cross-platform trade system between players, a fully fleshed out talent system allowing each user a unique specialty, and a long-requested alternative to the frustrating cycle of resource robbery that has become so common in base-builders." Yes, that’s right, no longer will you have to bring your iPad into the shower with you for fear that you precious base will get wrecked while you’re not looking. Here’s the brand new App Store trailer for Fleets of Heroes followed by a video of in-game battle taken this past summer to give you a closer look at the game itself.

For the past year and a half or so, Inner Hero has been beta testing Fleets of Heroes in our forums and the response from testers has been positive. Will this plucky upstart be able to challenge the giants of the base building genre on mobile? That remains to be seen, but I’m happy that a small company like Inner Hero at least has the guts to try to take on the establishment. Rage against that machine! If you’re interested in trying Fleets of Heroes for yourself, you won’t have long to wait as the launch date is set for next week on December 20th, and if you’re into the whole pre-ordering thing you can do that right now in the App Store.