‘Teen Titans GO! Figure’ Update with Multiplayer and the Legion of Doom Now Available

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As was promised about a week and a half ago, the big “Legion of Doom" update has arrived for Grumpyface and Cartoon Network’s fantastic Teen Titans GO! Figure ($3.99). As we previously detailed, this update brings with it the Hall of Doom where you’ll be able to partake in one of the most requested new features in the game: online multiplayer. Once you fire up the updated game and head to Jump City you’ll be treated to a cutscene showcasing the arrival and location of the Hall of Doom. Entering the Hall will give you three different options for multiplayer battling: Random online battles, battles with Friends, and battles against the CPU. You’ll also go through a rather clever username creation system that has you piecing together a username from pretty extensive lists of two words followed by a number or symbol. The downside to this is that you likely won’t be able to use a username that you’ve been using in other games or on social media or whatever, but the upside is that you won’t have to fight against someone named BonerJam69 and I’m sure Grumpyface is happy to not have to deal with the moderation that comes from fully user-created names.

You’ll also notice that the Hall of Doom is labeled as being in beta, and after partaking in a few online matches I think I can see why. There’s going to need to be some pretty serious balance changes going forward with the introduction of online play, as already other players are heavily abusing certain powers and abilities that are making for largely one-sided matches. This never was such an issue when you’re playing AI in single player, but it’s definitely something that’ll need some tweaking with online play. The good news is that connecting with other players is fast and easy, there’s a ranking system so hopefully similarly skilled players will be playing against each other, and there’s also a new option on your communication device for the Hall of Doom so you can hop into multiplayer at any time while you’re playing the rest of the game rather than having to hoof it all the way over to that specific location on the map.

And if multiplayer isn’t your thing this update also includes plenty of new missions and a new super difficult tournament to try your hand at, as well as new repaint styles and other odds and ends adding to the overall experience. I’m really excited to see how the online multiplayer will shape up over the next few months as I’m sure Grumpyface will be doing a lot of tweaking to the system, but for a first pass I’m impressed with how robust and functional it all is already, so if you’re itching to take your figs in to see how they stack up against the world be sure to grab the latest update to Teen Titans GO! Figure.

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