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Mushroom Foraging Board Game ‘Morels’ is Coming to iOS and Android November 29th

I really love that in recent years physical board games and tabletop games have made such a resurgence. I love me some video games but there’s also something great about friends getting together in the real world face to face to play something that doesn’t require plugging in. That said, when you DO find a board game you enjoy, it really is cool when a developer makes a digital version of it so you can take it on the go! Yes we live in a world where we want it all. Anyway, if you’re familiar with a board game called Morels, Mossbark Games is going to make you happy as they’re bringing an iOS and Android version to the respective App Stores on November 29th with the help of Two Lanterns Games. Check out the trailer.

So one of the coolest things about Morels is its theme: You’re foraging for mushrooms! Once you’ve obtained some you can sell them to earn money and dive deeper into the forest to forage some more, or you can cook your ‘shrooms to earn points and try to outscore your opponent. Morels is a two player game and will feature cross-platform asynchronous online play as well as local pass and play and 3 AI difficulty levels for solo play. There will also be six different game modifiers so you can change up the gameplay if you choose and Morels will be a completely premium release with no ads or IAP. Despite absolutely detesting mushrooms in real life, I’m intrigued by Morels due to it apparently being a really easy game to pick up and learn as well as its asynchronous nature, which I think is perfect for mobile games. I’ll be looking forward to it on November 29th.