Stunning Space Shooter ‘Subdivision Infinity’ Gets Full Screen Support for iPhone X Models

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In May of last year MistFly Games in partnership with Crescent Moon Games released the absolutely gorgeous space shooter Subdivision Infinity ($4.99) to the App Store. While there are elements of mining and a storyline to follow along with, Subdivision Infinity was all about the fast-paced space combat, which was A-OK in our book and we enjoyed the game a lot in our original review. Since that initial launch a number of updates have been released as well, adding things like a dedicated Mining Mode and a fairly large expansion called Daar Colony which added in new missions, new weapons, and a brand new ship called Avalon V. If there was ONE thing missing from Subdivision Infinity (and folks who know me probably know where I’m going with this) it would have to be full screen support for the iPhone X models.

Well guess what? An update was just released that adds support for the iPhone X, the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR. Yes, if you’ve got a fancy full screen iPhone then Subdivision Infinity now looks even more stunning than ever. And not only that but this update also includes another new ship called the Solid F-X 3, a new pirate outfit, and some adjustments to some of the game’s levels as well as the all important “various fixes and improvements." With the full screen support box checked off, there’s nothing I can think of that would prevent me from recommending Subdivision Infinity to fans of space combat games. This was especially a popular alternative to those who didn’t love the free to play turn that the Galaxy on Fire series took, and overall it’s just a damn fun game.

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