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Multiplayer Platformer ‘Planet Runners’ Soft-Launches in Multiple Regions

Way back in April we checked out the trailer and a call for beta testers for an upcoming multiplayer competitive platforming game called Planet Runners. Beta testing had been ongoing for most of the time after that, but developer Happy Doze did take a brief hiatus and in that time released the extremely cool side project Bit Quake ($1.99) back in September. Now it’s once again full steam ahead with Planet Runners, and the latest turn of events is that the game has officially soft-launched in various App Stores around the world.

If you are physically in or you just have an iTunes account in Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Philippines, Sweden, or the United Kingdom then you too can be a proud downloader of Planet Runners by clicking this link right here. If you’re not in any of those territories then don’t worry, it sounds like this will be a pretty brief soft launch period and Happy Doze expects the worldwide launch to happen “in the upcoming weeks" so you won’t have too long to wait. If you do check out the soft launch of Planet Runners, be sure to stop by the discussion thread in our forums and leave your thoughts about it.