‘Dragalia Lost’ Update 1.1.5 Is Now Available With New Features And Improvements

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Nintendo’s Dragalia Lost (Free) just got a big update today bringing it to version 1.1.5. This update coincides with the new event and to celebrate this, the team is giving everyone a Tenfold Summon Voucher. If you’ve been saving these from previous gifts, you might want to use one of them for the new event. I just use mine the moment I get them which has been both good and bad thanks to RNG. The main focus of this update is the new event and bringing new features and improvements to the core game.

Party member AI has been adjusted to be more attack focussed and to use more skills during quests. Gestures on iOS have been tweaked for swiping up to bring up multitasking after two repeated swipes. The Fafnir enemy in all Avenue to Power event quests does not guard anymore. Enemies that have been defeated will now disappear immediately. Notices will now display faster. After November 15th at 2 AM, the skip tickets you can acquire in the Daily Bonus will be increased to 3 and you will be able to buy more skip tickets in the show while the maximum number you can hold will been increased to 99. More fixes have been done to the UI in the friends screen, how notices are displayed during events, and more. The director, Hiroki Matsuura, even announced a few of the upcoming events for Dragalia Lost and two of them are pictured below.

Beginning November 17th, you can login for the Winter login bonus and the Resplendent Refrain event will begin at the end of the month. The event will also have three new songs (the soundtrack is my favourite part of the game) with Lucretia the songstress debuting. Dragalia Lost is free to play on iOS and Android Read our review of it here. This update is pretty big with loads of much needed enhancements. If you’re outside the few supported countries, there sadly is no news yet for expanding the game’s availability.

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