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‘Slydris 2’ from Radiangames is Hitting the App Store Next Week, Up for Pre-Order Now

I have to say that it feels GREAT to have Luke Schneider aka Radiangames back in the mix on the App Store. This once prolific solo developer brought some of the best dual-stick shooters and some of the best puzzlers to mobile devices over the years, but the extremely brutal market conditions forced him to take a hiatus for a while. We learned back in August that he intended to return with an ambitious plan to release 4 new mobile games before the end of the year, and that triumphant return kicked off just last month with the wonderful matching game Pivotol (Free) which we enjoyed both in our review and picked as our Game of the Week. Now we won’t have to wait long for the next Radiangames release, as today it was announced that Slydris 2 is on its way to the App Store next week on November 15th.

As you can probably guess from the “2" at the end of its title, Slydris 2 is the sequel to Radiangames’ 2012 release Slydris ($0.99), which we enjoyed quite a bit in our review when it first came out. It’s been one of the more popular Radiangames puzzlers over the years, and a sequel has been talked about for some time. I’m excited that it’s finally happening, and that it’s happening so soon. If you are the pre-ordering type, then you can hit up this link right here to pre-order Slydris 2 in the App Store, otherwise keep an eye out for it to drop around this time (or likely the night before) next week.