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Per Trademark Filings, ‘Zelda’ and ‘Donkey Kong’ Could Be Nintendo’s Next Mobile Games

Our buds over at Destructoid this morning spotted some interesting news on what could be Nintendo’s next mobile titles. This is based on two new trademark filings, one for “Mario vs. Donkey Kong" and another for “Spirit Tracks," which was an oddly under-appreciated Zelda game that came out near the end of the life cycle of the Nintendo DS. The filings on these trademarks are very broad, spanning a “program for home video game machine, downloadable video game program, and program for smartphone." This of course means that these games could pop up anywhere including the Switch or 3DS, but it is interesting that the smartphone mention was included- Particularly as both games would work super well on a touch screen.

I’d find it to be sort of hard to believe that Mario vs. Donkey Kong would be coming to mobile as we already have a Mario game, but Spirit Tracks is an interesting prospect. It is/was one of those DS games that was very heavy-handed with forcing you to play with the stylus. At the time, the input method seemed sort of weird, but with touchscreen devices now being a thing everyone has in their pocket, a similar control scheme makes a ton of sense.

So, who knows. This could also all amount to nothing. Nintendo, like any large company, has an entire legal department who need things to do and trademark filings are reasonably simple to file. Or, maybe they’re telegraphic their next mobile releases. Nintendo never ever comments on stories like these, so all we can do is speculate!

[via Destructoid]