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Digital Adaptation of Uwe Rosenberg’s ‘Indian Summer’ is Heading to Mobile this Week

Board game fans should be quite familiar with the name Uwe Rosenberg as he has created such cult classics as Agricola and Le Havre, among MANY others, to the world of tabletop strategy gaming. Many of those have also graced digital tabletops and Digidiced was responsible for bringing Rosenberg’s 2016 hit Cottage Garden ($4.99) to the App Store in October of last year. Now they are back to bring its follow-up and the second game in Rosenberg’s “Puzzle Trilogy" Indian Summer to mobile devices, and it’s coming soon. Like this Thursday soon. Here’s a quick teaser trailer showing the totally chill vibe of Indian Summer.

As Digidiced describes, “Indian Summer is designed to be played by 1-4 players and a game normally takes about 15-30 minutes. Beautiful animations and addicting gameplay combined with a calm and relaxing theme will engage players of all ages and expertise." The game will offer single player offline play with multiple AI difficulties as well as cross-platform online play for up to 4 players. It’ll be launching worldwide on mobile App Stores for $4.99 this Thursday and if you liked Cottage Garden or board games in general then I think you’ll want to check out Indian Summer when it hits.