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‘Knights and Glory’ is an Upcoming Tactical Battle Simulator Looking for Beta Testers

The last time we checked in on FredBear Games was when they announced their gorgeous upcoming platformer Spirit Roots last month, which is still on track for release in the very near future. However, that’s not the only game they have cooking, and in fact they’re looking for some beta testers to take one of their other upcoming games for a spin before release. This game is called Knights and Glory and it’s a multiplayer tactical battle simulator where you’ll build an army and pit it against the armies of your opponents. The cool twist here is that you can recruit some legendary historical figures like Robin Hood or King Arthur to lead your troops. Check out a gameplay teaser below followed by a hero spotlight on Robin Hood.

I definitely like the look of Knights and Glory, and if you do too and want to get in on the early beta testing, then just click this public Testflight link for the iOS version or check out the Early Access version on the Google Play Store for Android. Also be sure to check out the forum thread to talk about this one with the developers and other early testers, and we’ll keep an eye on how Knights and Glory continues to shape up as work on it continues.