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Radical ’80s-Inspired Shoot ‘Em Up ‘Black Paradox’ Up for Pre-Order with Discount Ahead of November 14th Release

About a month ago I was quite tickled by the trailer for Black Paradox, an upcoming retro-inspired shoot ’em up being developed by Fantastico Studio. What was so tickling about it? Well right off the bat the heavy neon ’80s vibe spoke to me, as did the numerous pop culture references and the killer synth music. But let’s not forget about the gameplay itself. Black Paradox is a horizontally scrolling shooter with a dash of roguelike elements and epic boss fights across 7 stages of story-driven campaign. It kind of reminded me of a hybrid of two of my favorite throwback shooters, Super Hydorah and Steredenn. Check out the trailer if you missed it before.

Cool right? So all we knew at the time of that original post was that Black Paradox was shooting for a release on iOS in November, but today we now know a more specific date thanks to the game going up for pre-order on the App Store with an expected release date of November 14th. And best of all is that if you pre-order you can nab the game at a discounted price of $3.99, which I think is a very smart way for developers to handle doing pre-orders. It’s all about incentive! If you like the look of Black Paradox then mark your calendar for November 14th and be sure to pre-order the game if you want to save a little bit of dough ahead of its full launch next month.