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‘Super Cats’ is a Multiplayer Arena Battler with Cats, What More Needs to be Said?

Developers who put cats in their games sure know how to appeal to my sensibilities, but Happy Universe wants to take that to an entirely new level with their upcoming game Super Cats. This is an online multiplayer arena brawler type game where you can square off against opponents in a 3v3 Bounty Mode, try to collect more gems than your opponents in a mode called Gemcraft, or partake in the trendiest game mode of them all as you try to be the last cat standing in a Battle Royale mode. But despite being a game filled with cats, Happy Universe warns “nobody has nine lives in this free-for-all. One loss is all it takes." That sounds like it could be the tagline of an ’80s action movie that stars cats. That’s a free million dollar idea for anyone who wants it. In the meantime check out Super Cats the game in action.

If you’re thinking to yourself “That looks a lot like Supercell’s forever-in-soft-launch Brawl Stars but with cats" then I’d tell you… yep. And just think about how awesome that sounds. “Brawl Stars with cats." A major difference here is that Super Cats actually has a release date (badum tish) and will be arriving on iOS and Android on November 8th. If you’re on Android you can actually check out the early access version on the Google Play Store right now, you impatient person you. Super Cats will feature 17 different unlockable cat characters to play as, each with their own unique set of weapons, attack forms, and skills. There are “loads" of unlockable skins for them and as you might expect Super Cats will be free to play with the IAP being strictly for “new skins and weapons, all of which can be earned through play." Be sure to check this one out soon.