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‘Hell Raider – Wheel of Fate’ is the New Game from ‘Tower of Fortune’ Developer Game Stew, Launching Next Week

It’s been a little over a year since developer Game Stew released their most recent game Last Colossus ($1.99), but as always they’ve been toiling away on a new project in the time since and are gearing up to release it next week. The new game is called Hell Raider – Wheel of Fate and they describe it as “a role-playing game where you play as a Knight who has fallen in battle. To resurrect, you must find missing gods and help restore order in Hell." Ah, restoring the order in Hell, what a noble cause! Check out the trailer for Hell Raider – Wheel of Fate to see what it looks like in action.

So… even with that trailer I’m not exactly sure what it is you actually do in Hell Raider, but given Game Stew’s history with their phenomenal slots-meets-RPG series Tower of Fortune as well as the rest of their catalogue of similar retro-inspired bite-sized RPG games, I’m confident it’ll be right up my alley. Additional features will include 9 story chapters, 5 different endings, 8 “Hell areas" to explore, and 40 different gods that you can battle, interact with, or even recruit to your team. You can find some discussion about Hell Raider – Wheel of Fate in our forums and look for this one to arrive next Thursday, October 18th.