Universal Hell Raider - Wheel of Fate (by Game Stew)

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    Hello Everyone,

    We are developers from Game Stew, our new game “Hell Raider - Wheel of Fate will be released on next Thursday (October 18), you can check the introduction, game features and game trailer below. Hope you will like our latest game. Also, You can find more detail about this game at our Facebook page (Tower of Fortune)


    Hell Raider is a role-playing game where you play as a Knight who has fallen in battle. To resurrect, you must find missing gods and help restore order in Hell.

    - A bizarre world combine with eastern Hell and Si-Fi elements.
    - Unique new game mechanic: Lamp of Fate.
    - 5 different endings unlocked through your choices.
    - 8 Hell areas waiting for you to explore and conquer.
    - 9 story chapters bring you into a world with gods, souls and Onis.
    - 40 gods to interact with, fight against, or have join your team.
    - 50 adventure events to experience on the journey.



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    So looking forward to this!

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